About Medifacx

Best Pill Cutter for Small, Large and Odd-Shaped Pills

The Medifacx PRORX Disc Pill Cutter was created in late 2013 with the intention of becoming the best pill splitter product on the market.  Launched in late 2015, tens of thousands of PRORX pill cutters have been sold worldwide.

Pill Cutter Safety and Quality Control

Other pill cutters constrain the pill in a way that can cause breakage when cutting. PRORX Disc Pill Cutter disc cavities offer a freer fit that allows halves to “move,” reducing or eliminating damage.

Simplicity is the best design. The Medifacx 18 in 1 Disc and our unique beveled and curved blade, with the Safe-T-Guard self-retracting blade system, has International patent pending and other patents pending protection.

19786k Medifacx pill cutter with catch cup
Medifacx pill cutter with catch cup

How does the pill cutter work?

The rotating chamber has six differently sized cavities to hold virtually and sized pill.  Simply place the pill into the correct spot in the cutter, rotate the pill into place and press down on the handle.  The Medifacx PRORX cutter cuts pills evenly and deposits them into the holding cup, eliminating the possibility of any waste.

Sales and Growth

Launched on Amazon.com in late September 2015 on their new Amazon Vendor Express platform, we enjoyed immediate success with our pill cutter at an MSRP of $12.99.Ten days after our Amazon Vendor Express launch, we received an order from a medical supply company here in America and sold them one-half of our first truckload shipment.

Our pill cutter is distributed in eight countries and on no fewer than 70 reseller’s websites including; Jet.com, Walmart.com, eBay, and Amazon. We are currently in talks with Walgreens and have become an approved vendor for all five Walmart venues.

Through a Master Distributor Agreement, we sell to thousands of veterinarian clinics and hospitals.

Medifacx Pill Cutter is currently sold on no fewer than 12 catalogs here in America. These catalog companies sell into the mature consumer catalog sector channels, both regionally and nationally.

We are enjoying organic growth that provides us with Release Purchase Orders for our innovative pill cutter going out in some cases as far as six months.

About the Company

Richard Muller Medifacx

Richard Muller

Co-Founder, President & CEO Medifacx Healthcare Products Group

Richard Muller is an experienced mature entrepreneur and inventor with sales, marketing and design knowledge in both the manufacturing and sevice industries.

This unique combination of skills provides Medifacx with the management needed to succeed. A leader that has always been a creative inventor of product design and services that are needed, affordable and sustainable. His inventions are comprised of both consumer and various commercial products and services.

Richard is a disiplined entrepreneur with a deep and respected knowledge of operating a design, manufacturing and distribution company.

He lives in Marietta, GA where Medifacx Healthcare Products Group has their World Headquarters.

Charlene Muller

Charlene Muller

Co-Founder, Senior Vice President, Director of International Strategic Marketing Partners

Charlene Muller has traveled all over the globe for over 40 years and lived in Europe for 17 of those years, running a bed & breakfast in France for mature people. She has worked in the healthcare industry and appreciates the need for innovative products to make life simpler for the aging population. During her years working in assisted living facilities, nursing homes and hospitals and as a caregiver in individual homes, she has observed the need for new products that will create a positive experience for the end-user.

Charlene has networked with retailers and distributors during her years living and traveling in Europe, which places her in an excellent position to work closely with these industry partners.

She is the mother of three, grandmother of six and lives with her husband in Marietta, GA.

charlene muller Medifacx

Sloane Warren

Senior Vice President Corporate Communications

Sloane Warren is no stranger to being in front of the public eye. Dubbed by Cobb Life Magazine as East Cobb’s Queen of local Indie film, Sloane Warren has spent decades engaging with the public with her extensive experience in the Theatre and on camera work. Sloane looks forward to helping the public understand the importance of this revolutionary product to the global marketplace, through press releases and public demonstrations.

Sloane has a BA degree in Theatre and French from ASU. She has studied in France along with having traveled extensively all over the world. She lives in Marietta, GA with her husband Scott Warren and their twin boys Logan and Sawyer.


The red base is the only color available at this time. It is made of a plastic called polycarbonate.

We produce that item in a Green color so they are easy to identify for other family members and pets. When required either Disc the gray or green Disc is easily removable by lifting if off the center post. To replace just slide it down onto the post for placement and align it up with the razor blade cutting slot for the correct size and shape cavity you require.

The unique curved/crescent shape blade is made of Stainless Steel with a rigid hardness specification. We have found that a crescent shape blade cuts more evenly and creates less breakage than a straight edge blade.

Whenever there is a razor blade attached to a product one needs to be careful. Our Pill Cutter razor blade has a Safe-T-Blade self retracting blade system to protect the user. Always keep out of the reach of children!

YES. Just remove the Disc from the base and clean the base and the lid as a unit and the disc with warm soapy water, rinse throughly and allow to air dry. It is not dishwasher proof.

By talking to pharmacists, pill manufacturers, focus groups and using an industry chart of the 50 most popular pills that people take worldwide. Combine this information and you will be able to cut 90% or more of your pills. The cavities are located on both sides of the Disc.

YES. Just choose the correct size and shape cavity and cut. Keep in mind that our PRO RX Disc Pill Cutter is the only pill cutter on the market that gives you this type flexibility.

We have designed the lid so that the cut pills can be retrieved by turning over the entire pill cutter and catching them in our Pill Catch Cup (included) with our pill cutter or in your hand. Easy to retrieve cut pills and ready for the next pill to cut.

Medifacx also sells reusable Pill Catch Cups, 2 in a package so there is no cross contamination when cutting pills for other family members or pets. These extra cups are listed on our Product Page for you to purchase. These cups are strong, easy to clean and are very affordable.

It can be purchased from our Website. Your order will be shipped within 3 business days from our order fulfillment center in Marietta, GA . We take all credit and debit cards from MasterCard, VISA, American Express and Discover Card. IMPORTANT NOTE: Shipping costs to foreign countries will be determined by weight and Zip Code, plus our Standard Handling costs.